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  • Company Holaluz in
    16.05.2020 Updated on: 05.06.2020

    Stellenangebotsbeschreibung: At Holaluz (Permanent), in Barcelona, SpainExpires at: 2020-07-06Created to change the world, Holaluz leads the way in the transformation of the Spanish Energy Sector with a clear investment in self-consumption and electric mobility. And with a not-negotiable goal: to put the customer at the center of their decisions in order to build a long-term relationship based on trust.We sell electricity that is from 100% renewable sources and offer savings with personalized products that, thanks to technology, can be tailored to the power needs of each customer. As a platform for energy exchange, we will make it possible for users who are producing more energy than they need to be able to feed it back into our system, allowing other users to "reserve energy”.We are a tea...

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